10% off 1st energy storage system order with NEC Energy Solutions

Our members get 10% off their 1st DSS™ energy storage system with NEC Energy Solutions.  NEC developed the DSS™ platform to simplify “behind-the meter” deployment of energy storage-based services that reduce energy costs and increase resiliency. It is a scaleable, smart, simple, compact, safe, cost-effective distributed energy storage solution. The DSS™ platform integrates advanced battery, power conversion and controls technologies into a family of pre-engineered systems that are simple to design-in, install, commission, operate, and maintain. The DSS™ family is scalable in both energy (85 kWh to 510 kWh) and power (30 kW to 650 kW), packaged in robust outdoor-rated cabinets including full environmental control and safety technology, and designed to the most demanding global regulatory and environmental compliance requirements.  

Our members get:

  • Complete NEC Energy Solutions Channel Partner Information Worksheet
  • Approved partners are granted access to dedicated partner portal
  • Approved partners that meet credit and volume requirements are eligible for Tier 1 DSS™ pricing
  • Members will receive 10% off their first 2017 DSS™ order

 Contact Phil Fischer - Sales Director NEC Energy Solutions for details at (508) 497-7118 or pfischer@neces.com