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    Around 30% of consumers who ultimately install solar panels will visit one of the SolarReviews web sites before doing so (SolarReviews.comSolar-Estimate.org, and SolarPanelTalk.com). As an installer or a manufacturer, you have the ability to manage your online reputation (poor review mediation) and respond to customer reviews

    Utilizing your profile, you will generate solar inquiries from interested consumers and business owners and increase conversion rates from all of your sales and marketing efforts

    It’s important to remember at which point in the buying cycle reviews come into play. By the time a consumer has started reading reviews, they have identified an issue/need they have, worked out what service or product satisfies this need and now want to select a business to use. The path from reading online reviews to purchasing from a business is short, which means it’s crucial for local businesses to have a positive online reputation so they can convert ‘searchers’ into customers". 

    Youtube Testimonial - Vincent Battaglia, Renova Desert (Palm Springs, CA) - CEO

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