Thank you to everyone who donated to our auction!

We are no longer accepting donation to the auction.
Please contact us if you have questions.

Who Can Donate to the Auction?


Anyone can donate items for the auction. Items will be placed in either the live or silent auction depending on their value, or estimated interest of the crowd. 

What Should You Donate?

Generally items like vacation home rentals, electronics, sporting or entertainment events, etc. do the best. We also accept solar and storage equipment such as panels and inverters, or industry services. Wine is also popular and a great item to donate, however be aware that donations of alcohol must come from your own collection and not be bought for the purpose of auctioning (ABC regulations prohibit this). 

Minimum/Upset Bid

To ensure the integrity of donor’s products, should an item not get bid on for the value it is worth, 75% of the value of the item may be donated directly to CALSSA.

Donation Delivery

Small, portable items should be shipped directly to CALSSA (please coordinate with staff) no later than one week prior to the event, or brought the day of. For larger items or equipment, the donor will ship directly to the winner.