We've Changed Our Name!

CALSEIA Is Now The California Solar & Storage Association

We are very excited to keep advocating for you under a new name: the California Solar & Storage Association. After forty years of accomplishments under the CALSEIA banner, our new name better captures the rising importance of energy storage in the marketplace and paves the way for the integration of a whole suite of new customer-facing energy products. Of course, we will continue to be the same group of committed people you've come to know. We’ll keep fighting for you in the forums that matter most, we’ll keep striving to keep you informed, and we’ll keep throwing the best industry parties in California! 

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From our Executive Director, Bernadette Del Chiaro & Board President, Ed Murray

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a new organization or just a re-name of the same organization?
This is not a new organization. This is just a re-name of a 40-year-old organization. We have the same mission, the same approach, the same board of directors, the same staff, and the same membership.

Why focus on storage?  
Without a rapid deployment of energy storage, along with other energy management devices, California will be unable to integrate high levels of solar energy onto the grid. We need to be able to deliver clean power in the evening – or whenever the grid needs it. Furthermore, consumers will continue to demand greater and greater choice and control of their energy future. Solar, storage and other energy management devices are critical to our future. 

What about thermal? 
We like to think of solar thermal as the original storage technology. In fact, solar thermal technologies, at their most basic level, are not generators of energy but rather devices that store the sun’s heat for later use. We have always been about promoting and growing California’s solar thermal industry, and we will continue down that path for years to come. 

Will you use an acronym?
Our name is California Solar & Storage Association (we say "and" between Solar and Storage). Whenever possible please use the name in its entirety, both when speaking and writing the name. Unlike CALSEIA, which was an acronym for the California Solar Energy Industries Association, which was widely used and recognized as the name of the organization, we are moving away from using an acronym. 

With that said, we realize there are times that an acronym or shorthand is required, for instance our URL (www.calssa.org) or our twitter handle (@calssa_org). So when it is required, we will refer to the California Solar & Storage Association as "CALSSA"
(pronounced “CAL-sa” with the emphasis on “CAL”).

What will happen to "CALSEIA?" 
Have no fear! If you are a diehard fan of that beloved acronym, it will live on. We'll be rolling out a new role and activities for CALSEIA later this year.  

Still have questions? 
We're happy to chat. Contact us anytime or give us feedback via our survey link below. 

Share your thoughts with us about our name change! 

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