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Webinar: Achieving Zero Net Energy – How Solar Water Heating Helps

The Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) invites city and county staff, contractors, architects and developers to a free webinar on the opportunities for solar water heating to reduce natural gas and electricity use, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and lower operating costs. As both a renewable and energy efficiency technology, solar water heating is well positioned to support state and local ZNE goals. 

This webinar will provide background on solar water heating technology and the available incentives for solar thermal installation. We will discuss how such technologies can directly impact ZNE goals, and we will showcase solar water heating projects in California. Discussion will also cover recent legislative efforts to extend the CSI Thermal program and the future of the technology as it relates to Zero Net Energy. 


  • Erin Malcolm-Brandt, CSE, will discuss how solar water heating fits into the structure of ZNE policy and will discuss resources for municipalities, industry partners and end users. 
  • Nicholas Oliver, CSE, will discuss the basics of both solar water heating and the CSI Thermal Program and how potential projects and customers can take advantage of available rebates. 
  • Kelly Knutsen, CALSEIA, will provide an update on the solar water heating policy landscape and recent legislative activity in the space. 
  • William Chen, Adroit Energy, will discuss several recent solar water heating projects that his company has completed and specific financing or technical considerations that future customers should keep in mind. 

This is the second webinar in CSE’s 2016 ZNE webinar series and builds off the ZNE Roadmap for Local Governments, which provides a collection of best practices, current efforts and policy recommendations that local jurisdictions can implement to support and drive the ZNE market. You can view the Roadmap and supporting webinars here.