Using the California Solar & Storage Association's Online Member Directory

How to Use

You may either search by a specific company, business type, and/or companies doing business in a specific region in California.

You can also search Contractor/Installer companies by their CSLB license number.

Search by Company Name:

If you know the exact name of the company you want more information on type the company name on text field beside it.

If you know part of the name of the company, select 'Containing' on dropdown menu, then type part of the name on the text field.


Search by Business Type:

There are many different types of businesses in the solar industry. Most consumers are interested in reaching out to a contractor.

If you know the type of company you want to search, select what type(s) of business you are searching for from the dropdown menu.


Search by Business Regions:

Use this option to find a member solar business in your region.

To search for a solar business by California region, select the region(s) you are interested in from the dropdown menu to the right.

NOTE: Our directory lists all companies who do business in each specific region. Companies may or may not be headquartered in that region.


Multiple Search Parameters

Our directory allows you to search our database using multiple parameters, i.e. all contractors in a specific region. If you are interested in this function, just follow both of the instructions above within the same search. For example, to search for all contractors doing business in the Bay Area, select “Contractor” from dropdown menu in the second row AND also select “Bay Area” in the dropdown menu in the third row. 


Search by CSLB License Number:

Use this if you know a contractor/installer company's CSLB license number and would like to check if they are a member of the California Solar & Storage Association.

Type the CSLB license number on text field.


If you have any trouble using the directory, or questions, please contact us at