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Use your Sunpower Dealer Funds for Membership

SunPower has authorized the use of Dealer Program Funds to fund California Solar & Storage membership. SunPower encourages its dealers to be well-informed about policy issues and believes that both the Association and its partners will benefit from this opportunity. 

To Use a portion of your DP Funds for this initiative, please use the following steps:

  1. Complete this form (which is also on the Dealer Portal) with your funding request. 
  2. Submit the form to
  3. You will receive an email authorization from the SunPower Policy Team within a few days of submitting your request. 
  4. Follow normal DP Fund procedures to receive reimbursement, attaching the Policy Team approval email to the request as receipt of approval. 

Legal Document Package for $1,000

Cleantech Law Partners ( is a full-service law firm dedicated exclusively to the renewable energy industry.  Our solar energy practice group helps solar developers, investors, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs draft key legal documents, negotiate power purchase agreements, access government funds, manage financial transactions, obtain permits, and guide our clients through most solar transactions. CLP also advises clients on corporate matters, and serves as outside in‐house counsel.

For members, CLP offers the following package for a flat $1,000 rate.

1. Draft template lease agreement with home/land owner
2. Negotiate PPA, if relevant
3. Review relevant incentive programs
4. Review basic project structure and corporate documents
5. Review relevant HOA guidelines


Complimentary Risk & Safety Assessment-based on Cal/OSHA standards

With selection of HR or Payroll Services.

California’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (or Cal/OSHA) requires employers to implement safety training and protection for employees. Understanding and implementing Cal/OSHA programs can be overwhelming. That’s where OmegaCompHR can step-in. For a limited time, when you sign up for our HR or payroll services, which decrease costs and increase compliance, you will receive a complimentary Risk & Safety assessment based on Cal/OSHA standards by one of our Risk & Safety experts. You will increase your understanding of what measures are needed to shore up your compliance and keep your employees safe.

Call 916-266-4370 for more details or email

10% Off Any Service From for our members specializes in providing calculations for residential, commercial, and industrial solar PV projects. It provides the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to obtain quality solar designs in the industry. Let them help you with engineering solutions for all your solar needs!


Your SolarMate Promo 15% off services to our Members

One year 15% member discount for Your SolarMate paperwork processing services.

Your SolarMate helps solar contractors with the paperwork involved with each solar installation, specifically interconnection and/or rebate processing. Your SolarMate will act as your representative/virtual employee in order to complete all applications required by the utility companies in order to quickly receive permission to operate (PTO) letters and rebate checks. With affordable flat fees and no hourly charges, solar contractors have benefited by outsourcing all their paperwork needs to Your SolarMate. Focus on sales and installation while Your SolarMate deals with applications, emails, and phone calls with the utility companies and program administrators.  




$500 off Seaward Group's PV210 I-V curve tracer kit


The PV210 from Seaward Group USA is the most compact and cost effective I-V curve tracer on the market. 
With direct connection to individual PV modules or strings, the PV210 provides a compact and fast solution to test in accordance with IEC 61829:2015 and IEC 62446:2016.
Measure Voc, Ioc, insulation, ground bonding, irradiance and temperature, to prove safety and verify performance of PV modules and strings with a touch of a button. 

Normal RRP on the full PV210 kit is $2695, Seaward Group is offering members $500 off this price.

All members need to do is email Seaward at and mention that they are a member.


10% off 1st energy storage system order with NEC Energy Solutions

Our members get 10% off their 1st DSS™ energy storage system with NEC Energy Solutions.  NEC developed the DSS™ platform to simplify “behind-the meter” deployment of energy storage-based services that reduce energy costs and increase resiliency. It is a scaleable, smart, simple, compact, safe, cost-effective distributed energy storage solution. The DSS™ platform integrates advanced battery, power conversion and controls technologies into a family of pre-engineered systems that are simple to design-in, install, commission, operate, and maintain. The DSS™ family is scalable in both energy (85 kWh to 510 kWh) and power (30 kW to 650 kW), packaged in robust outdoor-rated cabinets including full environmental control and safety technology, and designed to the most demanding global regulatory and environmental compliance requirements.  

Our members get:

  • Complete NEC Energy Solutions Channel Partner Information Worksheet
  • Approved partners are granted access to dedicated partner portal
  • Approved partners that meet credit and volume requirements are eligible for Tier 1 DSS™ pricing
  • Members will receive 10% off their first 2017 DSS™ order

 Contact Phil Fischer - Sales Director NEC Energy Solutions for details at (508) 497-7118 or Logo@2x.png

10% Off First Year Fees with helps solar companies provide a better customer experience and scale through referrals.  Our tools include:

  • Customer portal provides a single customer destination for information: savings, referral tracking, utility rate comparison, and system specifications.
  • Savings calculator reads customer production and utility data and combines with a tariff database to create real-dollar savings calculations (supports storage, CCA’s, and TOU).
  • Referral links can be posted online and include customer specific savings information. Referral pages are customizable with system photos, videos, and testimonials.
  • Collect and analyze customer utility bills automatically through your website and referral links.  Email prospects their utility bills and CC a salesperson for follow up.
  • Message schedules send customers automated email messages.  Send savings updates, referral notifications, and more. is offering members a 10% discount on their first year of fees.


15% Off First Purchase From CleanTech Docs

CleanTech Docs provides a solution for solar companies looking to reduce their legal fees without sacrificing quality. We provide highly specialized solar legal forms that can be instantly downloaded with a click of the button. Our site is an online collection of the highest quality, solar specific legal documents available on the internet. Typically, companies pay lawyers a large amount of fees to access these legal documents. We make it simple to choose the documents that you need by providing a detailed summary next to each form and writing blog posts about how they can be utilized. In the event our customers need further assistance selecting and/or modifying their document, we connect them to independent, solar attorneys.  

We look forward to being a part of your company's success and together making the world a better place.  You can reach us with comments or questions at


20% credit on first deposit with Wave Solar

To help our residential solar installers grow their businesses, Wave Solar is offering a 20% credit on your first deposit.

Wave Solar generates phone-verified home solar leads and appointments for installers across CA, helping to lower customer acquisition costs. Through a DOE Sunshot grant in partnership with Mosaic we showed that we can reduce the average costs to get a signed contract by up to half!

To access the discount, please signup for the platform here and mention you are a member in your onboarding call:

* Offer valid for new Wave Solar customers only.

Free Engineered Solar Carports Structure Plans

Get free Engineered Structure Plans stamped & signed by a California PE for your next Solar Carports Direct project!  Typically a savings from $1000 to $3000 depending upon the size of the project.

"Our direct experience with some the world’s leaders in ground mounted solar racking has led us to finding new and ingenious ways to construct solar carports with the same approach; beautiful designs that will add significant value to a home or business with minimum parts and minimum labor for installations."

For details, contact Laurie Alexander, Owner and General Manager, at: (530) 347-9177, or


50% off on your first Roof Tech PV mounting system and free shipping!

Onsite hands-on training included.


Roof Tech [E] Mount rail-less mounting system for asphalt pitched roofs.
The most versatile and easy to install direct deck attachment with integrated flashing certified by the ICC (International Code Council).

Offer is available only to solar installers who are current members.
For details and further information please contact Milton Nogueira at (415) 295-7840

$500 off 1st year subscription to for members

    Around 30% of consumers who ultimately install solar panels will visit one of the SolarReviews web sites before doing so (, and As an installer or a manufacturer, you have the ability to manage your online reputation (poor review mediation) and respond to customer reviews

    Utilizing your profile, you will generate solar inquiries from interested consumers and business owners and increase conversion rates from all of your sales and marketing efforts

    It’s important to remember at which point in the buying cycle reviews come into play. By the time a consumer has started reading reviews, they have identified an issue/need they have, worked out what service or product satisfies this need and now want to select a business to use. The path from reading online reviews to purchasing from a business is short, which means it’s crucial for local businesses to have a positive online reputation so they can convert ‘searchers’ into customers". 

    Youtube Testimonial - Vincent Battaglia, Renova Desert (Palm Springs, CA) - CEO

    For details call 844-442-5029 or email


    First 3 Bid Checks Free from Solar Bid Check!

    Eliminate confusion about savings projections and give your proposals a winning edge!

    Solar Bid Check is a resource for solar vendors and their customers to check and verify the accuracy of financial projections in solar proposals.  Solar Bid Check provides an independent, objective analysis of the assumptions and calculations in solar proposals and will produce a Verification Report Stamp of Approval if the proposal meets reasonable industry standards.

    Solar Bid Check was created by Utility Cost Management LLC (UCM), California’s leader in utility data analysis. Solar Bid Check’s method of analyzing solar vendors’ financial calculations was developed after UCM’s analysts identified costly discrepancies in solar proposals that were presented to UCM clients.  UCM recognized that the complexity of savings calculations made it virtually impossible for solar vendors and customers to differentiate between proposals that were honest and accurate, and those that were not.  Solar Bid Check relies on the System Advisor Model (SAM) developed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to make its own independent calculations using data from solar vendors’ proposals.  When Solar Bid Check’s analysis is complete, the Verification Report is issued.  The report will either approve the First-Year and Long Term financial projections, or it will describe where each proposal fell short.


    20% Off First Plan Set Order with Planet Plan Sets

    Planet Plan Sets offers permitting plan sets to residential solar PV installers using standard published pricing and simple order processing. Our staff of experienced industry pros is dedicated to providing quality plan sets at a competitive price, with customer service delivered with a smile. View pricing, sample plan sets, and preview our order form at

    SPECIAL OFFER FOR CALSSA MEMBERS: Planet Plan Sets is offering a special 20% off the price of your first plan set order for all CALSSA members. Email Planet Plan Sets President, Jeff Spies, to get the 20% discount code for CALSSA members.


    50% off for our members to join Renvu Megawatt Club

    As a member of the Renvu Megawatt Club, you will enjoy free shipping on all orders, $100 off permitting packages, and preferred Club member prices.