SunSpark Technology Inc Joins Industry Leaders in Growing California’s Solar Industry

Sunspark Technology Inc. becomes newest CALSEIA member.



SunSpark Technology Inc. has become the newest member of the nation’s largest state solar power trade association, the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA).

“We are proud to have SunSpark Technology Inc.  join CALSEIA to support its mission of expanding the use of clean, solar technologies throughout the state.  CALSEIA members are recognized as being true leaders in the California market as they promote high standards within the industry and advocate fair policies for solar consumers. We look forward to working closely with SunSpark Technology Inc.  in continuing this work,” says Bernadette Del Chiaro, Executive Director of CALSEIA.

SunSpark Technology Inc. was established in 2015. From its Riverside location, with the intent and goal of becoming a solar panel assembly and manufacturing company within the U.S. SunSpark Tech offers a variety of solar power panels; allowing its clients to choose the most appropriate system and wattage that will best meet their needs.

Due to their support of residential DG in California, CALSEIA is our first choice of solar trade associations. We believe that SunSpark Park can not only increase our business relationships with state partners but create more benefits for people who are eager to own US-made solar panels.

SunSpark Technology Inc. joins CALSEIA after being carefully vetted and approved through the association’s application process, which ensures member companies adhere to industry best practices.

Founded in 1977, CALSEIA, the California Solar Energy Industries Association, represents manufacturers, installers, financers, and distributors of solar panels and related components and technologies throughout the state.


SunSpark Technology Inc., hereafter known as SunSpark Tech, is a U.S. business situated at 3080 12th St., in Riverside, California with approximately 35,000 sq. ft.

From its Riverside location, SunSpark Tech will have better control over its product assembly and manufacturing and service distribution channels, sales and customer service departments, as well as billing and business management, which in turn is very beneficial in keeping costs down and quality standards high. As the images above show, SunSpark Tech’s location is sufficiently large and spacious, where products are received, assembled, stored, and shipped to the customers.