Webinar: The New Modified Fire Setbacks and Pathways and Smart Inverter Certification Mandate

On June 20th, the California Solar & Storage Association hosted a webinar session about California’s intervening code cycle, taking effect on July 1st of 2018, allowing larger PV arrays on residential roofs as the new modified "fire setbacks and pathways" took effect.

Through the link below you can view and download the webinar's slides and recording to learn about the new rules and regulations that help residential PV installers gain back valuable roof space for bigger PV arrays. The webinar also addressed the new mandate requiring inverters be certified to provide reactive power priority for the Volt-Var function.


Jeff Spies: President - Planet Plan Sets
CALSSA Codes/Standards Committee Chair

Alan Fields: Design and Engineering Manager - Solar Spectrum / Sungevity
CALSSA Permitting Committee Chair

Matt Paiss: Fire Captain
International Association of Fire Fighters primary representative to the NEC Code Making Panel 4
President - Energy Response Solutions