Guest Blog Post by Solar-Estimate Guide to Solar Panels

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In a recent study, Solar-Estimate has procured a new page which takes a deep dive and analyzes solar panels, comparing the best in the industry. This guide to solar panels will tell you everything you need to know about solar panels including the best brands, most efficient, best value, and best DIY panels. The page also includes a beginner’s guide to understanding warranties and other statistics which are important to consider when deciding which solar panels are best for your home. This is a great way to understand your options if you’ve already determined solar is worth it for your home. If you’re still trying to figure out if solar is worth it, but you’d prefer the simplicity of a calculator, you can check out the Solar-Estimate calculator to get an estimate based on your location.

Solar-Estimate performed a comprehensive data analysis of solar panels using installed system data from over 130,000 systems in 2018 and by compiling detailed specifications from each manufacturer. In this study, Solar-Estimate ranks some of the top solar panel manufacturers by providing industry expert reviews as well as consumer reviews from verified purchasers of solar panels for home. In the expert review, Solar-Estimate selects the 4 best solar panel brands by taking into account many factors including efficiency, cost per watt value, warranty value, manufacturer reputation, and reliability. 

While Solar-Estimate does have their own system for their expert reviews, every consumer is different and these rankings may not apply to everyone. This is why Solar-Estimate breaks down rankings by sections and gives the reader the opportunity to read, learn, and decide for themselves which panels are best for their particular situation. These ranking sections include most efficient, best value, most commonly used in 2018, and best DIY panels available for purchase online.

In addition to the rankings, the page includes information for a wide range of expertise levels. For beginners, there are the “Solar Panels 101” and “Solar Panel Dictionary” sections which educate users by explaining solar panel details in layman’s terms. For experts, they have included specific details for each panel including Voc, Isc, size and weight, and other essential information needed to design a system from scratch.

The final and most unique part of the study is the breakdown and comparison of performance warranties for each panel manufacturer. Performance warranties are very important, as they can indicate how much value a solar panel will provide over its lifetime. Warranties can be very difficult to understand, and Solar-Estimate has visually represented performance warranties with a very easily readable graph.