Project Services


4 S.T.E.L. Engineering, Inc.

Structural design and engineering services.

Jonathan Varela
(949) 305-1120
Mission Viejo, CA

Aguillon Enterprises LLC

Solar project development & Energy Efficiency consultant.

San Diego, CA

AlsoEnergy supplies end-to-end monitoring and control solutions for solar PV, storage, SGIP, and wind energy systems. AlsoEnergy is home to PowerTrack, Locus, and skytron software applications.
(866) 303-5668
Boulder, CO


Ground mount panel cleaning, fully insured and servicing California with advanced machinery and technology. Maintain your investment, ensure peak performance, extend the life of your system and your manufacturer's warranty.

Chris Stainton
(519) 317-5497
Carlsbad, CA

American Solar
Cleaning Company

Aurora Solar’s one-stop software platform allows a user to quickly build complex 3D models, perform detailed shading analysis, and automatically create full system designs in just a few clicks.
San Francisco, CA

Aurora Solar

Axis Solar Design will get through permitting the first time! Quality is the corner stone of Axis Solar Design.

Mission Viejo CA

Axis Solar Design

PV engineering consulting specializing in codes and standards, troubleshooting, failure analysis, and independent engineering.

Vacaville, CA

Brooks Engineering

Burnham Energy, a subsidiary of Burnham Nationwide, is the nation's premier solar permit expediting and site inspections company. Burnham Energy has inspected and permitted hundreds of solar installations.

Chris Beauchamp
(408) 375-0286
San Jose, CA

Burnham Energy Inc.

Engineering certification of all systems including roof mount (flush, tilt up and ballast), ground mount, and pole mount for both residential and commercial.

Nevada City, CA

Caiman Engineering Inc.

Clean Energy Group is a leading national, nonprofit advocacy organization working on innovative policy, technology and finance programs in the areas of clean energy and climate change.

Seth Mullendore
(802) 223-2554x213
Montpelier, VT

Clean Energy Group

CSA Group is a global provider of safety, performance, and environmental testing, inspection and certification services for solar PV, energy storage, and many industries.

Andrew Koretoff
(949) 428-3638
Irvine, CA

CSA Group

Cutting Edge Capital

Los Angeles, CA

Provider of Tier-1 residential solar direct to homeowners. Retail price ranges from $1.79 to $2.59 per Watt. To learn more or join our network of installers, visit

Ed Pundt
San Ramon, CA


ENACT SYSTEMS provides a single business platform for solar project management: design, financing, installation and asset management. ENACT’s primary customers are large corporations seeking solar deployment across their portfolio.

San Ramon, CA

ENACT Systems Inc.

Energy Toolbase is an industry leading software platform for modeling and proposing the economics of solar and energy storage projects.

Adam Gerza
(310) 210-2392
Pasadena, CA

Energy Toolbase

EnergySage is the country's leading online marketplace for solar comparison shopping. At EnergySage, we empower people to make smarter energy decisions through simplicity, transparency, and choice.

Spencer Fields
(781) 570-3366
Boston, MA


Folsom Labs makes HelioScope, the solar industry's leading sales software platform. Join the thousands of solar developers who use HelioScope every day to design & sell high-performance solar arrays.

Paul Grana
(773) 425-1944
San Francisco, CA

Folsom Labs

Solar location permit and interconnection data for lead generation and analytics.

San Francisco, CA


We specialize in solar quality assurance inspections, pre-construction site assessments and residential operations and maintenance services.

Saul Inda
(408) 761-4292
San Jose, CA

Indaspec, LLC

We have over 15 years of combined experience in Design and Installation of residential and commercial solar system.

Livermore, CA

Layered Conceptz

MAR Structural Design

McCalmont Engineering provides design, engineering, and professional services for solar and energy storage projects, specializing in large and utility-scale PV solar plants.

Tom McCalmont
(408) 871-9600x201
Campbell, CA

McCalmont Engineering

The naak energy cloud platform monitors, controls and optimizes the energy in a home or business. Simple to install, features Cellular Communications, Battery Management, Home Automation, Hierarchical Switching, DR & VPP.

Adam Boucher‌
(415) 627-7743
San Rafael, CA

naak inc

Natron Resources' expert staff has deep experience in photovoltaic design from residential to commercial and utility. We are licensed in 21 states and counting.

Jeffrey Ansley
(510) 847-9041
Moraga, CA

Natron Resources Inc.

Optony provides a suite of solar lifecycle services to help minimize project risk and deliver maximum returns in terms of payback and performance.

Santa Clara, CA


Pick My Solar is an online solar purchasing marketplace, providing homeowners with expert advice and high quality custom bids from solar installers.

Los Angeles, CA

Pick My Solar Corp.

Planet Plan Sets provides residential installers with complete permitting plan sets for rooftop or ground mount PV systems reducing the cost, time, and hassle of generating plans for permitting.

Jeff Spies
(480) 857-7920
Placentia, CA

Planet Plan Sets

System design, engineering, permitting, structural and electrical PE stamps, and consulting, specializing in solar PV and energy storage for residential, commercial, and utility scale projects.

Tony Smith
(510) 940-9750
Fremont, CA

SepiSolar, Inc.

Sighten offers an industry-leading solar software platform that provides an end-to-end solution for residential installers and financiers. Businesses use Sighten for proposals, design, and access to financing.
Oakland, CA


SolarCensus geospatial and design software enables solar companies to perform remote surveys in minutes with the same accuracy as handheld tools and design an optimal system in one workflow.

Aaron Woro
(707) 235-9176
Sebastopol, CA

Solar Census

With SolarDesignTool, you can create a PV system design and generate a solar permit package in as little as 15 minutes.

Santa Cruz, CA

Solar Design Tool

SolarNexus provides sales and project management software to solar companies. From leads to project completion, our solution enables companies to profitably operate and scale their business.

Michael Palmquist
(510) 508-7697
San Francisco, CA


Sunnova is the largest privately held solar + storage company in the US working through a network of local installation partners to provide homeowners energy savings, financial and grid independence.

Meghan Nutting
(202) 577-4857
Houston, TX

Sunnova Energy Corporation

Sutton Enterprises is an electrical engineering design firm with more than 20 years’ experience designing, implementing and maintaining electrical systems used in residential, commercial and industrial facilities including solar generation.

Cash Sutton
(562) 619-5710
Chino, CA

Sutton Enterprises

UtilityAPI downloads utility bill and history information (Bill PDFs, monthly billing data, demand charges, and intervals when available) in minutes for residential and C&I solar and storage customer acquisition and management.

Lynne Wander
(510) 907-0009
Oakland, CA


Your SolarMate

Your Solar Mate provides solar paperwork services which includes interconnection processing and rebate processing for any solar PV, energy storage, and solar thermal projects nationwide.

Greg Khatchatourian
(949) 336-8962, ext. 4
Irvine, CA

We provide structural and electrical engineering services for residential, commercial, and utility scale projects.

Andrew Grigorian
(818) 939-8098
Brea, CA

YourSolarPlans, Inc.