Solar Thermal Manufacturers


ACR Solar International Corp.

ACR Solar manufactures the Attractive "Skyline" solar collectors that are 40% lighter making them easier and safer to install. We have complete SRCC OG-300 systems available.

Al Rich
Carmichael, CA

Apricus, Inc

Solar Hot Water Manufacturer

JT Max
(909) 374-9800
Los Angeles, CA

Aquatherm Industries, Inc.

Aquatherm is the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar pool heating systems, and the preeminent leader in polymer technologies for solar heating applications.

Lakewood, NJ


FAFCO is the oldest and largest solar thermal company in the US. FAFCO manufactures thermal energy storage systems and a new hybrid solar thermal/solar electric panel

Chico, CA

Heliodyne Inc.

Through innovative design, superb product lines, and dedicated service & support, we've become an industry leader that you can trust.

Richmond, CA

Hyperlight Energy

Hyperlight Energy invents, develops and manufactures concentrated solar power (CSP) products from its headquarters in San Diego, California, in collaboration with leading scientific, utility and environmental organizations around the world.

Lakeside, CA


MMCI Solar Early stage R&D in solar thermal components and systems

Oakland, CA

Skyven Technologies

Skyven Technologies is pioneering a game-changing renewable energy solution for industrial process heat. Skyven works with manufacturers to reduce their fossil fuels consumption.

Agata Hinc
(818) 858-6836
Fresno, CA

Solahart Industries

Solahart is a manufacturer of 48 & 80 gallon Domestic Thermosyphon type Solar Water Heaters and Flat Plate solar collectors for Commercial applications.

Vaughan Boultwood
6+(189) 351-4262
Perth, Australia

Sunbank Solar, Inc.

We offer ways for PV installers to expand what they offer, with our OG-300 (CSI and ITC eligible) residential solar heating systems, OG-100 collectors, and patent pending solar hot tub.

James Richards
(888) 385-0005
Santa Cruz, CA

SunEarth, Inc.

SunEarth manufactures and distributes high efficiency solar heating collectors, water storage vessels, electronic controls, pumping systems, valves, pipe and other mechanical equipment.

Rick Reed
(808) 440-7802
Fontana, CA


Suntrek has been Manufacturing Solar Pool heating products in California since 1991. The Suntrek System is Custom Built to fit in any roof space and navigate all unique, project obstacles.

Irvine, CA

UMA Solar Inc.

UMA Solar is a leading solar thermal and solar electric distributor. Our flagship brand, Heliocol is the industry leader in Solar Pool Heating. Other brands include SunStar, eco-SPARK and SunValue.

Greg Gahagan
(707) 863-7723
Benicia, CA